Is you existing equipment not keeping up to the competitors

table Design

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Thinking of Laser

We can build it too.

Hypertherm FASTLaser process.

Significantly improving the cut speeds, plate capacity and cut quality range, which combine to produce significant gains in CO2, laser plate cutting. The FASTLaser process delivers optimal gas flow directly to the cut zone; consistently matching beam width and gas flow geometry.The industry’s first complete fiber laser systems specifically optimized for cutting applications, makes it easy to produce consistent laser quality across a full range of materials and thicknesses 

Are you growing tired of that old run-down Table costing you more than its returning?


Give us a call and we will help you spruce it up with a new feature or upgrade your current setup.

With hypertherms product line we can custom build a hardware scheme to fit your existing equipment. Or are you just looking for new software

Have a perfect spot in your building for a new plasma table ?


Well, we can certainly fill that space for you. We offer custom, professionally designed Tables for the professional market from 6x8 to 20x40 or larger.

 We offer the latest hardware and software for your project. Top quality parts from Hypertherm.

All of our parts are north American made.


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